This is what we currently have on tap and in bottles available in the tap room. This list is maintained daily. Everything on the list is available in 32 ounce Crowler Cans to go, with the exception of nitro beers and bottled beer.

Nebraska Native

The First! Nebraska Native is the first ALL Nebraska grown ingredient,  commercially produced craft beer. Nebraska Native derives its unique flavor profile primarily from wild Nebraska foraged yeast and aronia berries, tart and rustic with layers of tropical fruit. We are especially proud to call this beer our own. For the full story on all the people that helped us make this beer a reality, go here.


The next batch of the Totally Hazy And Turbid NE IPA dynasty! We’ve dialed in this batch even closer to our target with Jason McLaughlin steering the ship on the evolution. This go ‘round we used Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra hops. Hop forward nose with a citrus-centric, creamy flavor profile. Just a hint of bitterness accentuated with a slight carbonic tingle. Did I just say tingle? 7% ABV


Thad is the tap room manager at Boiler Brewing Company. Though he loves totally hazy and turbid IPA’s, he’s also a huge proponent in the belief that the introduction of a new concept does not always necessitate the replacement of what preceded it. Plus, he’s kind of nostalgic. And loves West Coast IPA’s. Enter THAD!, the beer. Tremendously Hoppy And:  a.) Dank b.) Double c.) Demanding d.) Dorky e.) Delirious f.) All of the Above. West Coast IIPA. New School. Old School. No School!

Pineapple Upside Down THAD!

Double IPA with coconut and pineapple and attitude. Coconut big in the nose with rich coconut notes mingling with hop bitterness that finishes with a kiss of pineapple. Like Thad the person, this beer is best left to sit and warm up a bit. It’s a bit confrontational at first. Some might even say stand-offish. Sit down for a chat and you’ll walk away best friends. 8.5% ABV

Cheech & Chong Pale Ale

Batch #3 of the Cheech- and really a whole new beast. Different color and different hops. You can ask us but we’re not revealin’ the chops! We will tell you this- Dank Hank took 5 while Citrus Cindy is sittin’ in. Color is deeper and darker too. C&C Florida style! 5.6% ABV

Bruhbarbara Walters

Rhubarb Saison with a spunky attitude. She’ll ask you the tough questions with 20/20 clarity but remind you that everything is going to be OK at the end. This here beer was done as a collaboration with Lincoln homebrew honchos Jim Anciaux and Bryon Belding. 6%a ABV

Brubarb Wit

Rhubarb Wit. Fun fact: the only difference between this and Rubarbara Walters is the yeast. Think of them as Belgian fraternal twins. Same but different. More different. Equally spunky. 5.6% ABV

Nitro Strawbeery Rhubarb Saison

Nitro Saison? Well I never…. Actually, now you have! Complete with rhubarb and strawberry. But it’s beer so it’s beery (he, he). It’s a dance between sweet and tart. But it’s no Sweet Tart! The flavor gets more complex with the mingling of the Saison yeast. Then the nitro creams it up. Belgian strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream? You decide. 6%a ABV

Coffee Berliner Weisse

German subtly sour coffee concoction. Lincoln homebrewer Matt White did a version of this beer at home, and until we tried it, we didn’t think it was possible. Well hats tipped and glasses raised to Matt because he pulled it off! Huuuuuge coffee nose backed up with coffee/sour flavor profile. 4% ABV

Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Our brewmaster, Tim Thomssen, won Sam Adams “Longshot” homebrew contest for his Raspberry Berliner Weisse in 2015. Sam Adams brewed up a whole bunch of the stuff and sold it in 6 packs. Here’s the real deal done at home- BBC style1 4% ABV

Bobber’s Big Red Rye

Gold Medal winner at the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship! Our buddy, Mailman Bob Catherall, helped us with this rye pale ale. We often have Mosaic dry hopped versions of our hoppy beers. Wasn’t necessary for this one. Bob delivers the mail by day and the hops at night- by the truckload! 100% Mosaic that dances well with the spice from the rye. Speedy delivery! 5.6% ABV. 40 approachable IBU’s.

Cherry Lime-Aid Gose

It would be really cool if we could package our Cherry Lime-Aid Gose in one of those plastic-foil, individual, sugary drink pouches that your mom used to pack in your lunch that were almost impossible to puncture with the flimsy yellow straw that was glued to the back. But we can’t, so we don’t. You can get it in a glass in the tap room or in a Crowler to-go though. Man, think how awesome it would be to open your lunch box to find a Crowler. Thanks mom- you rock! Cherry, lime, salt. Super-sesh refresh. No trades! 5.6% ABV

That’s the Way Love Gose

Ginger, rose, and hibiscus. Throw in a little salt and you have the makings of any love affair. Mostly romantic, sometimes salty- but you know, that’s how it goes-uh. 5.6% ABV

Holy Wood

Holy Wood is a Palo Santo Barleywine. What’s Palo Santo? Palo Santo wood is considered sacred by some and is often burned as incense due to its aromatic qualities.  It just so happens to add a specific and complex flavor profile when beer is aged in it. Besides adding its characteristic aroma, there are notes of wood, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut that make this beer unique. Fold your hands, bow your head, and take sip. Amen. 12% ABV

Raspberry Tart

Making its triumphant return! The answer is really in the question. A Raspberry Blonde that doesn’t sacrifice flavor while still being refreshing. It’s not a Pilsner. It’s not a stout. You’ll want to drink with your pinky out! 5% ABV

Tank 7.9

Tank 7.9 is a saison that was lovingly crafted in collaboration with Lincoln experimental home Brewer Sam Bates. The classic saison yeast strain is the defining characteristic of this beer that doesn’t taste nearly as big as it is. Dry, crisp, spicy, fruity – sort of like your crazy aunt’s sense of humor. 7.9% ABV

Total Hottie

From the mastermind of Boiler’s Cellerman, Dean “The Dream” Fryda- double Mole’ stout with chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, habanero- and a comb in the back pocket. Bam! 8% ABV

Double Cafe Mocha Stout

Coffee. Chocolate. Stout. Doubled down. No whipped cream. 8% ABV

Crane River Kolsch

There used to be this place in Lincoln called Crane River that our buddy Kit Minks made beer at. They were among the first craft beer breweries in Lincoln. They made a Kolsch. It was awesome. Not sure if ours is as awesome but we’re trying. 5.2% ABV




Gluten free with blueberry. It’s a cider, you see. Tastes like that crunchy candy- that comes in pocket-sized packaging. You know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, G. 6% ABV

Cherry Ride

Cider? Yup! Gluten? Nope! We went the extra mile to make sure our first cider was not overly sweet but still very cherry. Virtually no alcohol notes but still plenty of flavor. Racin’ for pinks! 6% ABV

750 ml BOTTLES

Nebraska Native

The First! Nebraska Native is the first ALL Nebraska grown ingredient,  commercially produced craft beer. Nebraska Native derives its unique flavor profile primarily from wild Nebraska foraged yeast and aronia berries, tart and rustic with layers of tropical fruit. We are especially proud to call this beer our own. 5.2% ABV. For the full story on all the people that helped us make this beer a reality, visit our website at:

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Alcohall & Oates

We made this Russian Imperial Stout and then aged it for 11 months in Templeton Rye barrels for our 1st anniversary party back on 4/1/17. We held some back, bottled it, wax dipped the bottles, and prepared it to cellar. Or to drink now.  Rich, big stout with notes of oak and bourbon. She’s a man eater! 12% ABV



Most of our beers are available to go in 32 oz. Crowler Cans. We love filling them with our beer for you to take and share with your friends, or keep all to yourself! Sometimes, as chance would have it, we get a lot of folks all at once who want a lot of Crowlers. We don’t mind, but we also don’t want you to wait any longer than necessary to get you what you need. So if you are going to get more than a couple Crowlers, feel free to hit us up 24 hours in advance and we can have them ready and waiting. It’s not a requirement, just a recommendation. Either way, we’ll get you the goods! Email us at or send us a Facebook message 24 or more hours in advance and we’ll have your order ready and waiting.


We have both 5 gallon and 16 gallon kegs of most of our beers available for offsite, noncommercial consumption. Email: to inquire on availability and price.