This is what we currently have on tap and in bottles available in the tap room. This list is maintained daily. Everything on the list is available in 32 ounce Crowler Cans to go, with the exception of nitro beers and bottled beer.


Brewed, Be Nice 3 (Double Mashed)

Dude. This is our third version of this big, chewy barrel-aged imperial stout with coffee added. This go ‘round, the beer was double mashed, so twice the grain was used. Did we mention the word chewy? Brewed, Be Nice 3 was aged in Heaven Hill whiskey barrels before coffee, loooooots of coffee was added. Imperial stout, whiskey, coffee….what else could you possibly want? Maybe more of it in your glass. 12% ABV

Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Black Forest Raspberry Torte (Double Mashed)

We made Black Forest Raspberry Torte with Lincoln beer mogul mastermind Jason McLaughlin a while back. Jason won a silver medal at this year’s National Homebrew Competition with this Imperial Stout. Here, we aged the beer in Heaven Hill whiskey barrels to further accentuate the rich and complex raspberry vanilla flavor profile. Let it warm a bit and you’ll be rewarded for your patience. 12% ABV

Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout

Kind of like taking two Reece’s peanut butter cups and making a peanut butter sandwich out of them then eating it in one bite. Yes- just like that. 8% ABV


A lactose, salted caramel, and chocolate sweet stout treat. All the candy flavor with nothing getting stuck in your teeth. 6% ABV

Coffee Cake Double Stout

Double coffee stout with lactose. Thick with a sweetness that backs the coffee. No worries, no crumbs! 8% ABV

THAT! Juan Valdez

Double down haze laced creamy coffee craze! Totally Hazy and Turbid New England-style IIPA dosed with the fruitiest Ethiopian coffee beans we could get from our good friends at The Mill. BIG coffee nose with a unique, creamy, and fruity flavor profile that finishes with a kiss of sweetness. But what kisses aren’t? This is an especially small batch so if you want a kiss you better pucker up now! 8.5% ABV

McLaughlin’s Mango THAT!

Hazy mango IPA collaboration with the Don of homebrew mastery, Jason McLaughlin. He won Empyrean’s 2011 “Beer Quest” with a west coast-style mango IPA. Here, we hazed it up and lowered the bitterness. No fear, fellow hop-heads! The hip-HOP beatbox rocks as the hazy bass base walks while MC Master Mango talks! The Low End Theory just got lower. Hold onto your socks! 7% ABV

THAT! Cheech & Chong Kinda Haze

Pale Ale hop haze with a trilogy of hop strains (heh, heh). There’s not a little Cascade, Simcoe, and Mosaic, but rather a lot! This will make you smile without making your eyes bloodshot 🙂 Get hazy! 6% ABV

Double Dry Hopped Equinox Double THAT!

The next of the next of the THAT! of the THAT! Double down on the Totally Hazy And Turbid. New England-style double IPA, double dry hopped with Equinox hops. Juice haze citrus hop maze done double the double the trouble the trouble. Being in trouble never tasted so good. For once, being hazed is a good thing. 8.5% ABV

Double Dry Hopped Simcoe THAT!

The next in the series of the Totally Hazy And Turbid THAT! dynasty. Simcoe hops walk the walk mingling and jingling in the haze of hops and citrus haze. Hey, hey- what’d you say? You want another hazy IPA? Us too. 7% ABV

Goin’ Back to Cali

Wake up! We’re goin’ back-back to Cali-Cali with this West Coast IPA! We’re bringing an old school classic IPA back by showcasing a super-secret cocktail combo of hops that will remain under wraps. We couldn’t tell you what they are even if we wanted to—they already went back to Cali! Grab a pint, pop in a cassette and push play! 7.5% ABV

Quintuple Dog Dare IPA

We worked with local homebrewer Amey Patwardhan to construct this beast. In a slight breach of etiquette, we skipped the triple IPA and went right for the throat! Accept the dare, stick out your tongue, and dive in! Don’t forget to come up for air….. 18.4% ABV

Dude, Where’s My Khakis?

We teamed up with Omaha homebrewer Tom Malowski to make this east coast Lager. If PBR made an IPA, it would be DWMK. Acronyms! Don’t get the name? What do Bostonians use to start their autos? 6.6% ABV

Blood Brother Beermosa Gose

Blood orange and pink Himalayan salt mimosa gose with enough pulp to tame the AM pain in your brain. The cure for what ails you is more of what ales you. The circle is complete. Happy New Year! 5.6% ABV

Templeton Rye Barrel Aged Hayseed Barleywine

Big, bad nod to our brewmaster’s father, Dave Thomssen. Unassuming but solid work ethic. To say it gets the job done would be an understatement. The Hayseed spent a whole year aging in Templeton Rye Barrels. What we have now is a barleywine that goes the extra mile, and then some. 12.5% ABV

Lisa’s Raspberry Hottie

Blonde ale base (though you would never know it) with a TON of raspberry added then habanero on top of that! Like any classic affair- it’s sweet ‘til you feel the heat! 5% ABV

Apricot Sour Brother from Another Mother #2

From the lineage of The Sour Brother- apricot makes its encore debut! Soured from probiotic yogurt laying the foundation for the apricot to sing, letting its nectarous nature do its thing, with a finale finish of tart zing. Ping! The sour song you’ll love to sing. 7.5% ABV

Prickly Pear Sour Brother From Another Mother

Hey there, prickly pear! Juicing up this sour from here to there. Not an eye-watering crusher that makes you pucker. So take another sip you Mother Goose. 7.5% ABV

Plum Sour Brother from Another Mother #2

It’s typically our MO to make beers that have a KA-POW, KA-BOOM flavor profile, this isn’t one of them.  This probiotic yogurt kettle soured beer has some pleasant plum puree added to meet up and balance out this sour sipper. Fruit sour KA-POW. 7.5% ABV

Raspberry Tart 2

Blonde ale with tons of raspberries. This go ‘round, we toned down the sweetness and, as the name suggests, upped the tartness. It’s still not a Pilsner and it’s still not a Stout but you will want to drink it with your pinky out! 5%



Cider Man

Peter Parker’s drink of choice when he’s not slingin’ webs. No gluten. No high falutin.’ Just solid straight up apple cider- with a punch. And a KICK. And a POW! 6% ABV

750 ml BOTTLES

Nebraska Native

The First! Nebraska Native is the first ALL Nebraska grown ingredient,  commercially produced craft beer. Nebraska Native derives its unique flavor profile primarily from wild Nebraska foraged yeast and aronia berries, tart and rustic with layers of tropical fruit. We are especially proud to call this beer our own. 5.2% ABV. For the full story on all the people that helped us make this beer a reality, visit our website at:

Barrel Aged Hayseed Barleywine

Big, bad nod to our brewmaster’s father, Dave Thomssen. Unassuming but solid work ethic. To say it gets the job done would be an understatement. The Hayseed spent a whole year aging in Templeton Rye Barrels. What we have now is a barleywine that goes the extra mile, and then some. 12.5% ABV



Most of our beers are available to go in 32 oz. Crowler Cans. We love filling them with our beer for you to take and share with your friends, or keep all to yourself! Sometimes, as chance would have it, we get a lot of folks all at once who want a lot of Crowlers. We don’t mind, but we also don’t want you to wait any longer than necessary to get you what you need. So if you are going to get more than a couple Crowlers, feel free to hit us up 24 hours in advance and we can have them ready and waiting. It’s not a requirement, just a recommendation. Either way, we’ll get you the goods! Email us at or send us a Facebook message 24 or more hours in advance and we’ll have your order ready and waiting.


We have both 5 gallon and 16 gallon kegs of most of our beers available for offsite, noncommercial consumption. Email: to inquire on availability and price.