The second batch of this New England-Style totally hazy and turbid (THAT!) double IPA. The hops run deep and they all come through LOUD and hazy in the nose. Flavor profile is creamy juice overdrive.  We collaborated with Lincoln beer expert Jason McLaughlin on this one. Meet your new citrus mistress. 70 IBU’s.  8.5% ABV


This is the above described DDOOUUBBLLEE TTHHAATT TTWWOO dry-hopped with Cleopatra hops. Cleopatra? Yeppers! Cleopatra is a new American hop that is known for it’s tropical, citrus character. So just when you thought this double IPA wasn’t going to get any juicier, it did! 8.5% ABV

Re-done Overdone IPA

One of the first beers we brewed was Overdone IPA. That version weighed in at 7.5% ABV and 60 IBU’s. Well, the Overdone son got redone! V2 is a bit more approachable in the flavor profile while amplifying the hop characteristics in the nose. Still delicious. Still 60 IBU’s.  7% ABV

Bobber’s Big Red Rye

Our buddy, Mailman Bob Catherall, helped us with this rye pale ale. We often have Mosaic dry hopped versions of our hoppy beers. Wasn’t necessary for this one. Bob delivers the mail by day and the hops at night- by the truckload! 100% Mosaic that dances well with the spice from the rye. Speedy delivery! 5.6% ABV. 40 approachable IBU’s.

West Coast Wheat

This is our second batch of West Coast Wheat.  A good entry point for future hop-heads without having to go the “session  IPA” Detroit-Lincoln-Denver route.  The hops are rounded out pleasantly by the wheat.  Refreshing and delicious. 5.6% ABV

 Raspberry Tart

Making its triumphant return! The answer is really in the question. A Raspberry Blonde that doesn’t sacrifice flavor while still being refreshing. It’s not a Pilsner. It’s not a stout. You’ll want to drink with your pinky out! 5% ABV

Tank 7.9

Tank 7.9 is a saison that was lovingly crafted in collaboration with Lincoln experimental home Brewer Sam Bates. The classic saison yeast strain is the defining characteristic of this beer that doesn’t taste nearly as big as it is. Dry, crisp, spicy, fruity – sort of like your crazy aunt’s sense of humor. 7.9% ABV


Another Sam Bates saison. Annette is an apricot saison. She’s single and likes to mingle! Tropical citrus apricot chit-chatting it up with the saison yeast. Tart and sassy yet down to earth. You can bet on Annette! 9% ABV

Hayseed Barleywine

A tribute to our brewmaster’s father Dave Thomssen. Unassuming and simple but gets the job done – and then some. Hayseed has rich, rich, rich caramel and toffee notes backed by complex malt. Tropical fruit and hops finish with the 1-2. Simple…but not really. 11% ABV

 Because, Reasons

At this year’s Sowers’ Cup, we decided to pick one of the finalist’s and scale it up to have in the tap room. And here it is! Tom Mendick is the creator of Because, Reasons Cherry Lime-Aid Blonde Ale. And it was a perfect time to make this beer as it’s a glimpse of the warmer weather to come! And a great reason to get out of the house. 5.6% ABV

“Tom, where are you going?”

“The tap room.”

“Again? Why?”

“Because, reasons.”

 Alcohall & Oates

Imperial Stout is what Alcohall & Oates is all about. Big, roasty, toasty notes do the trick by being slick and thick. The ABV hides its weight well. This one only comes out at night – she’s a Maneater! 11% ABV

3-Way Chocolate Stout

It’s dark as night but sweet as pie. If the Easter bunny had any class at all, he’d leave us a pint of this on Easter morning. As the name implies, there’s 3 sources of chocolate here. But they’re a secret. Silver medal winner at the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship! 6% ABV

Koo Koo for Coconut

Blam! Over the top coconut COCONUT stout. A whole lot of love, and probably even more organic coconut goes into the Koo Koo. This go round we added a little chocolate. It’s like drinking a candy bar. 6% ABV

Alarm Clock Coffee Stout

Coffee? Beer? What’s there not to love here? Think cold-press coffee with bubbles. And alcohol. Pint glass or coffee cup, either way it’s bottoms up! 6% ABV

Beastie Belgian Tripel

Triple? Tripel? Pronounce it how you want – we prefer to drink it!  Spice and bread define this big boy where the yeast is the beast! Slip on some clogs and blast the beats- no sleep ‘til Belgium! 9.5% ABV

McLaughlin’s Scottish 70

A nod to local brewing legend Jason McLaughlin, and Scotland, and beer. Carmel sweetness first with a mild dry, roasty malt finish. Minding its malty manners, boldly. 5.5% ABV

Orange You Thirsty Too?

Round two of this wheat citrus sipper. We turned up the volume on the orange for this batch from church voices to metal cries! Grab your ear plugs and dive in! 5.6% ABV


We have both 5 gallon and 16 gallon kegs of most of our beers available for offsite, noncommercial consumption. Email: to inquire on availability and price.