Lincoln Brewery

Boiler Brewing Company resides in the space that was originally the boiler room of the Grand Manse building in downtown Lincoln, NE. Built in 1904, the Grand Manse initially served as Lincoln’s Federal Court House and Post Office. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the Grand Manse reflects the Beaux Arts Neoclassical style popular with government structures from 1885-1920. The building now serves multiple purposes from retail space to urban living. The one thing that has been missing for the past 100 years is a craft brewery.  

Since 2008, Grand Manse proprietor Monte Froehlich had been trying to figure out a resourceful use for the old boiler room in the basement. It was when he became acquainted with Matt Rennerfeldt and Jon Marco, of Alpha Brewing Operations, that the idea of putting a craft brewery in the space became evident. It was shortly thereafter that Tim Thomssen and Thad Aerts came onboard and the ball got rolling for what has become Boiler Brewing Company.

Our Lincoln brewery set-up consists of all Alpha Brewing Operations equipment. We use a 10 bbl brewhouse, nine 10 bbl fermenters, and two 10 bbl brite tanks. We also have a 1 bbl pilot system that has five 2 bbl fermenters. We constantly innovate and experiment with new beer recipes and ideas with the goal of having an ever changing and evolving list of beers in our tap room. The sky’s the limit.